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This blog is dedicated to the most perfect singer-actress-visual-model-dancer-rapper-MC in the world of Kpop... KIM YOO JIN/KIM U-JIN, more known as UEE

Funded: 13.06.28

♡ I'm JooEe-JuUie (JooyeonxUee) Shipper! ♡

♥Name: 유이 / Real Name: 김유진

♥Birthdate: 1988-Apr-09

♥Height: 173cm


I love my qUEEn


I Love and Support to ♡ UEE ♡ Today and Always and ♡ AFTER SCHOOL.

From Chile with love for Uee. ♡ Sii! Hablo Español ^^

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[140928] UEE ♡ ~ Wapop Concert (more pics with AfterSchool)
Happy 2000 days since our perfect queen called Kim Yoo Jin aka 
​​♡ KIM UEE's debut ​​♡
[140928] Kaeun’s twitter update with UEE

디렉홍 선배님 우째 이런걸 만드셨어요??ㅜㅜ 식단하다가 오랜만에 먹은 매운거ㅜㅜ 진짜맛남ㅡㅜ♥또먹고싶..매운거좋아하시는분은 꼬꼬꼭!!!
해물맛드셔보시용♥치즈맛도짱짱ㅜㅜ by늅깡(홍라면)
[140928] Jungah’s instagram update with UEE & Kaeun (+TRANS)

연습실에서~^^ #유이#가은이랑쉬는시간에♡ 오늘수고했어요#애프터스쿨~^^
In the practice room~^^ #Uie #KaEun time to rest♡
Today, Thank You #AfterSchool~^^ (cr.happypl3dis)
[edit][140925] After School ~ ICN airport (going to China) 
(more pics)
UEE ♡ ~ 'Beauty Bible' season 3 Ep.1
[140921] UEE ~ ICN airport (coming back to Korea from China)
[140920] AfterSchool ~ China-Korea stars concert (more pics)
(cr.cnwest娛樂/AS Baidu/409time.com)
[140920] Uee ~ Xian Xianyang Intl' airport [more pics]
UEE (유이) ver. AFTERSCHOOL - 'Flashback' Dance Practice
[140920] Uee ~ Incheon airport going to China [more pics with 
[140919] Jungah’s instagram update with Uee, Jooyeon, Eyoung & Kaeun

압구정엘칸티나^^다들요기음식에빠짐~ 자주가야지~~
[140918] UEE on AfterSchool Japanese FB

皆さん~お久しぶりです! ユイです~みなさんお元気ですか? 8人で日本ツアーができることになってドキドキします。 会いに来てくださいね♡
Hello! Long time no see! It's U-ie. How are you? I'm so excited about doing a Japan tour with all members! Please come to see♡


Happy Birthday Im Jinah ^^