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This blog is dedicated to the most perfect singer-actress-visual-model-dancer-rapper-MC in the world of Kpop... KIM YOO JIN/KIM U-JIN, more known as UEE

Funded: 13.06.28

♡ I'm JooEe-JuUie (JooyeonxUee) Shipper! ♡

♥Name: 유이 / Real Name: 김유진

♥Birthdate: 1988-Apr-09

♥Height: 173cm


I love my qUEEn


I Love and Support to ♡ UEE ♡ Today and Always and ♡ AFTER SCHOOL.

From Chile with love for Uee. ♡ Sii! Hablo Español ^^

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[140816] Uee ~ h:connect event (Busan store)
[140919] Uee ~ Wapop Concert
UEE ♡ on AfterSchool Japanese fb for tour 2014. ->X<-
 [Full Cuts] UEE (유이) MC on 2014 SBS Super Model Contest 
[editpics] [140928] gorgeous UEE ~ MC on 2014 SBS Super 
Model Contest (morepics!^^)
[141011] UEE ~ Busan Sasang Riverside Festival [morepics]
[141002] UEE ~ 19th Yeonsu-Gu Community Day (morepics)
[141002] UEE ~ Ajou University Festival (morepics)
[141008] UEE  on AfterSchool Japan Facebook update

【AFTERSCHOOL JAPAN TOUR 2014】 From. Staff 11月のツアーではAFTERSCHOOLの 新曲を初披露します★ その新曲のレコーディング現場を直撃! ちょうどユイさんがレコーディング中でした。 皆様、新曲楽しみにしてください♥

10/100 moments in which Uee gives me all the feels

10/100 moments in which Uee gives me all the feels

[141006] Uee, Jungah & Jooyeon on instagram ~ Perfect OLD caramel ♡
You can see recopilation of these videos here ->X<-
UEE ♡ ~ 'Beauty Bible' season 3 Ep.3
[140923] UEE at Kongju National University event
UEE ♡ dancing BANG! is perfect for me *-* >x<
[141002] UEE ~ Ajou University Festival (more pics with AfterSchool)

[141002] UEE’s facebook update (x)뒤늦게선물인증!!♡감사합니다~!!벌써데뷔한지2000일넘엇다니~!!^^
[141002] UEE’s facebook update (x)

넘엇다니~!!^^ 항상겸손하고열심히하는유이되겟습니다! 울멤버들도사랑해!♡
[141001] After School ~ Gangneung-Wonju University Festival