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This blog is dedicated to the most perfect singer-actress-visual-model-dancer-rapper-MC in the world of Kpop... KIM YOO JIN/KIM U-JIN, more known as UEE

Funded: 13.06.28

♡ I'm JooEe-JuUie (JooyeonxUee) Shipper! ♡

♥Name: 유이 / Real Name: 김유진

♥Birthdate: 1988-Apr-09

♥Height: 173cm


I love my qUEEn


I Love and Support to ♡ UEE ♡ Today and Always and ♡ AFTER SCHOOL.

From Chile with love for Uee. ♡ Sii! Hablo Español ^^

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My Gifs of UEE ♡

My Gifs of JooEe ♡

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Forever In Love with OLD Caramel ♡

[140707] Uee at The first on air 'Law Of The Jungle' event 

Welcome back dear leader! ♡

Kim Uee ♡ and the spicy food.

Dear Bias you’re the best (シ_ _)シ

6/100 moments in which Uee gives me all the feels

6/100 moments in which Uee gives me all the feels

UEE ♡ on 'Law of the Jungle' in Indian Ocean Ep3.
In this chapter: curious Uee and the bitter fruit ​ㅋㅋ​ㅋ

Kim Uee you’re a amazing and so brave person…I’m so proud to be your fan :’)

goddess Uee ♡~ ‘Beauty Bible’ episode 29

cutest girl Kim Uee ^-^♡

[140719] Uee at Daegu Chimac Festival 

adorable Uee ♡ ~ ‘Beauty Bible’ episode 28

JooEe is everywhere ♡ Thank you OTP you gives me all the feels (シ_ _)シ

[140719] Uee  ~ 'Because of You' at Daegu Chimac Festival