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This blog is dedicated to the most perfect singer-actress-visual-model-dancer-rapper-MC in the world of Kpop... KIM YOO JIN/KIM U-JIN, more known as UEE

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♡ I'm JooEe-JuUie (JooyeonxUee) Shipper! ♡

♥Name: 유이 / Real Name: 김유진

♥Birthdate: 1988-Apr-09

♥Height: 173cm


I love my qUEEn


I Love and Support to ♡ UEE ♡ Today and Always and ♡ AFTER SCHOOL.

From Chile with love for Uee. ♡ Sii! Hablo Español ^^

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Forever In Love with OLD Caramel ♡

goddess Uee ♡~ ‘Beauty Bible’ episode 29

cutest girl Kim Uee ^-^♡

[140719] Uee at Daegu Chimac Festival 

adorable Uee ♡ ~ ‘Beauty Bible’ episode 28

JooEe is everywhere ♡ Thank you OTP you gives me all the feels (シ_ _)シ

[140719] Uee  ~ 'Because of You' at Daegu Chimac Festival
Asker Anónimo Asks:
When was the moment you realized you were a JooyeonXUee shipper?
fuckyeahuee-kimyoojin fuckyeahuee-kimyoojin Said:

oww~ to be honest I never wondered this before..and I don’t know… I never told, ok since today JooEe is my OTP..just happened without me noticing *-* just stole my heart without my permission hahaha 

They’re so perfect OTL

[140719] Jooyeon's instagram update with Uee (1)
ㅋㅋㅋ 치맥을 즐기며 서울갑니당 ^^♥
ㅋㅋㅋ Enjoying Chimac while going to Seoul^^♥   (cr.juirim)
[140719] Jooyeon's instagram update with Uee (2)
#대구 치맥 페스티발 치킨이랑 맥주 받아서 차에서 치맥중 ㅎㅎ
#Daegu Chimaek Festival, Chicken and Beer in the car received 
from Chimaek ㅎㅎ (cr.Happy Pl3dis.ph)
[140719] Jungah's instagram update with Uee & Jooyeon 
서울가는중인데~유이춤추고주연이노래한다...ㅜ어머깜짝이야..ㅎㅎㅎ 사랑한다ㅎㅎㅎ
On the way to Seoul~Uee dancing and Jooyeon singing…
ㅜOh my I'm surprised…ㅎㅎㅎI love youㅎㅎㅎ (cr.juirim)

My Uee, JooEe and OLD caramel feels…this is PERFECT! ╰(^∀^)╯

Asker Anónimo Asks:
Have you seen the latest pics of Uee and Jooyeon on a date, with beer and fried chicken. It's super cute.
fuckyeahuee-kimyoojin fuckyeahuee-kimyoojin Said:

Yeees! I saw it! and was like


OMG! my OTP is so perfect and so real! keke^^

Uee after her injury said she felt sorry towards the other members for causing concern.

Uee after her injury said she felt sorry towards the other members for causing concern.

UEE ♡ on 'Law of the Jungle' in Indian Ocean Ep2.
[140718] Uee  ~ H:connect 'Lucky Box' event

Kim Uee forever being a perfect mermaid \(≧▽≦)/

perfect! ​♡

JooEe can’t help touching each other…and I love this ^^